A life long quest

For sixteen years I have been creating projects that bring people together to celebrate, build community and showcase the incredible work creators and innovators are doing around the world

Starting out in the not-for-profit, arts and culture and education sectors, in more recent years, I have translated that experience into the corporate world, working with brand activation and events agencies to develop unique events, brand engagements and other communication projects that unite people around ideas and achievements related to their professional life.

My experience has placed me in a unique position. I have had the opportunity to develop creative, artistic ideas, as well as solid strategies. Through this dichotomy of experience I have built a unique set of skills which enables me to produce creative communications projects grounded in smart strategy with measurable results.

I am comfortable working with both metaphors and metrics.
I understand that smart business doesn’t have to be at the expense of cultural values.
I can build a budget to fund a bold new world


Why I do what I do.

I am driven by a desire to encourage community through creative, innovative shared experiences and meaningful interactions.

In a world where it is easy to focus on the negative and for people to become isolated — I want to lead the celebration, bring people together and focus on the things that unite us.

I live for any form of experience, big or small, that ignites passion within people or takes people to that place of inspiration. I love seeing people geek out over a cool new piece of technology — being inspired by a piece of theatre — getting lost in conversation about a philosophical argument — enjoying the spectacle of a gala dinner — or even just taking in a good movie or book!

Passion ignites passion — and my passion is seeing people engage with the things that inspire and excite them. That’s why I’m in this line of work.